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Google Advertising Professional

Get expert help with your Google Adwords campaign from an Adwords Qualified Professional

Late in 2004 Google launched a program related to their Adwords pay-per-click advertising system whereby search engine marketing professionals could earn an official designation from Google Inc.

In order to qualify for this accreditation an individual must pass an intense examination and meet certain other criteria. Successful candidates earn the title of "Qualified Google Advertising Professional" also commonly referred to as "Adwords Qualified Professional".

What Does This Mean To You?

Until this program there was no way for you to be certain that anyone you engaged to assist you with your Adwords pay-per-click campaign was actually any more qualified than you to do so. Now, you can choose to work with someone that has met some significant standards set out by the same people that stand to benefit most if your pay per click campaign is truly successful for you. This is a genuine "win-win-win" scenario.

Early in 2005 Kevin Severy, the President of IQNetCom Corp, earned the coveted status of Google Advertising Professional.

Get Results From Google Adwords Advertising

We have the credentials, and perhaps even more importantly the experience, to put the incredible power of pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising to work for your business.

No other marketing method has the ability to put your perfectly targeted ad right in front of a highly-qualified prospect at precisely the moment in time that they are seeking out the products, information or services that you provide.

The cost-effectiveness, the reach, and the potential results that can be delivered by a properly executed search engine marketing effort are simply unprecedented.

Let us show you how your business can benefit from incorporated a Google Adwords and other search engine marketing strategies into your overall marketing approach.

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