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We've been in the "web business" since 1999... That's a long time in this industry. Early on we learned about the ramifications of unreliable hosting for the websites and web-applications we were developing for ourselves and our clients. We also found that the clients we were developing websites and web applications for had a strong preference for a single point of contact and responsibility for their web solutions. As a result, we made the investments necessary to enable us to provide web hosting on a direct basis. Since those early days, the web hosting end of our business has grown to include many clients we have not provided any development services for (yet). Plenty of our hosting clients know us only as their website host and moved their web sites to us after being referred by others.

One of our "claims to fame" is that we speak to our clients in plain English and not technical "mumbo-jumbo" or "geeky jargon". This is even though the technical underpinnings of website hosting are quite sophisticated. In our experience, what our clients want are results and very few care about the nitty-gritty technical details. Having said that, if you're looking for web hosting and have specific technical requirements just let us know and we'll be happy to discuss them in as much technical detail as necessary.

For now, just know that we offer website hosting on MS Windows servers to support classic .ASP, ASP.NET (MVC) and MS SQL based websites and applications as well as the ever popular cPanel hosting powered by Linux-based servers. We have hosting plans in sizes and types to suit just about every possible situation starting from just $10/month.

If you are looking for a Canadian web site hosting service provider that provides reliable, easy-to-use web hosting and service that is personal and friendly, look no further.