IQNetCom Corp.

Effective Website Design

It's more than graphics and it matters!

A website is the anchor of most web marketing efforts. When it comes to developing a truly effective website it takes much more than slick graphics and flowery text. When we are engaged in the planning of a new website the first consideration is ROI. We work with our client's to establish exactly how the success and return on investment of the project will be measured. This varies greatly on a case-by-case basis but can mean online sales of products, generation of new leads, requests for quotations, direct contacts, email list subscriptions, or growth of your "audience". Once the key factors for measuring success and the objectives or true purpose(s) of the site are established we then begin the design phase.

The creative and artistic facets of a website often get all the attention, and they are certainly very important, but that is not the only consideration when it comes to putting together a truly effective website. Your website must compel visitors to take whatever action(s) will ultimately deliver value to you. This is done by combining creative aspects with proven best practices for user interface design and applying our extensive understanding of typical web visitor behavior.

There are many ingredients in the recipe for success online. An effective website will be visually appealing, communicate clearly, be highly intuitive and persuasive. Immediately upon arrival to your site visitors should be able to determine what the site is about and if it's for them. The site should draw them, almost magnetically, to follow a path that will lead them to what they are seeking. This, in turn, should lead to the achievement of your ROI objective.

We've been helping a broad range organizations from small home-based businesses to non-profit groups to multimillion dollar international enterprises get online since 2000. Whether you're looking to establish a website for the first time or to overhaul an existing one, take advantage of our experience and shorten your path to online success.