IQNetCom Corp.

Web Application Development


Web applications are software programs that are accessed through a web browser typically over the Internet but sometimes through an internal network or "Intranet". The type of web-based applications that can be developed and the solutions they can be leveraged to provide is limited only to one's imagination. The scope and scale of what is possible ranges from very simple to highly complex. There are far too many scenarios to cover them all but here are just a few some examples of web applications that we have developed for our clients:

  • Sales incentive / loyalty rewards systems
  • Quality control reporting systems
  • Online training systems
  • Supplier relationship management systems
  • Request for quotation systems / quote calculators
  • Website content management tools

What's important to keep in mind is that your situation is almost certainly unique. Be sure to engage someone that is willing to take the time and is capable of fully understanding your challenges and identifying opportunities for you to benefit from integrating a web-based application into your realm.

Someone like us.